About US

At Helping Hand Apparel, we design and manufacture high quality custom knit accessories for the collegiate and sport markets. Offering our products at affordable price points for the fans and students is a priority to us.


Where We Began

Helping Hand began in 2011 with the idea to bring students affordable, school branded knit accessories. The products being offered at the time by competitors were too expensive and the quality was poor. This is what inspired us to begin producing our own line to fill the hole we saw in the market.

How We Help You

Helping Hand Apparel works closely with customers to develop a custom design that they are 100% satisfied with. We dye our yarn exactly to the colour you request to ensure your brand is accurately portrayed. We ensure that the quality of our product is at a high level, and pricing is affordable.

Visit our contact page to find out more on how Helping Hand Apparel can help you!